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Summary of Question:Kindness
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Saturday, 7/18/2009 4:33 AM MDT

Dear sikh,

First of all I want to thank you for the effort by sharing your knowledge with our sangat.

I have a question, we all live in a world which is divided in good and evil. Sometimes you are connected with persons who are very good natured and they are so humble. But most of the time you see ‘evil’ persons taking advantage from these humble persons.

My father is a good man and he can never say ‘no’ to his sons. His son is aware of this weakness. I always get angered when I see they are ‘using’ him and my father always is saying ‘it doesn’t matter child, action and reaction- waheguru sees everything’.

The point in general is, he says he is a sikh, so it’s his duty to help people. But how do we act as a sikh in these kind of circumstances where you want to help people, but you know they are taking advantage of your kindness. How should we handle this situation?

Thanks in advance,
Dear one, Your father is an amazing man. He has a very deep and abiding understanding of Infinity.
You cannot be a teacher to someone if they do not accept your guidance. However, you can express
your opinion to both party's in a nuetral and unemotional way. That sound becomes heard and there is an opportunity for reflection if it is done with respect and you make an impact. But there is no gaurantee that a change will come about in the time you wish. However, you at least make your expression shared and serve the greatest good of all. Right?!


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Kindness (07/18/2009)
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