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Date Posted:Thursday, 8/12/2010 12:09 AM MDT

My husband's brother and his family and his sister don't talk to me or my kids they don't even tell me what i did to them i'm amritdhari love guru granth sahib ji but right now i cannot concentrat in path please help me give me a shabad please,Thank you very much ji.


Sat Nam,

There are a couple of Shabads you can do:
1. To bring union form separation : KI TIL PI-AARAA VEESARAI
2. To you inite loved ones who are separated : PRABH KEEJAI KIRPAA NIDHAAN

Sometimes when things like these happen you just need to give it time. And if time does not help then just move on and live your life the way you would. In some cases a separation is a blessing. It is the freedom to live your life the way you want without anyone telling you what to do.


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