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Summary of Question:Cloning
Date Posted:Wednesday, 12/13/2000 6:18 AM MST

My question is what are the views of human/animal cloning in sikhism.

I personally think it is Gods will to grant a life and not the bye
product of scientific manipulation.
I am asking this question so that I can support my argument for an end
of term paper which is due to be handed in.

I await your reply..

********************************************************************************In the Sikh way of life we serve the will of God we do not change it. We are blessde with many live's. Each life is an opportunity to perfect our consciousness. Our attachment to this physical body is not so great that we must try to control the One who actually controls the universe.

The story of Guru Hargobind's son Baba Atal Sahib demonstrates our attitude.

Baba Atal Singh wsa nine years old. He played a team game similar to baseball with his friends. He was a team captain and his friend Mohan was the captain of the opposing team.

One day they played until sundown. The score was tied. Mohan and Baba Atal agreed to meet the next day and finish the game.

The next day bab Atal went to the field to play but Mohan never showed up. So, Baba Atal went to Mohan's house. When he got to the home of Mohan he found Mohan's mother weeping inside. She said that during the night Mohan had been bitten by a snake and died in the night.

Baba Atal had special powers and he touched Mohan with his stick and said "Mohan arise, we have to finish our game". Mohan arose and they went on to the field to continue their game.

That night Baba Atal Singh went home and went to greet his father, the Guru Hargobind, in his usual manner. However, this night, Guru Hargobind did not welcome his son in to his lap in his normal affection for his son. The Guru turned his back to his son, Baba Atal. Baba Atal asked why he was angry with him. The Guru said, God has given special powers to you. These powers are not to be abused by changing the will of God that has already been given.

Baba Atal was very sad for what he had done. He went over to the tank of Bibi Kaulon. There he sat in meditation until he himself, left his body; an innocent exchange for his deed of returning life to his friend Mahan.

When Guru Hargobind found that Bab Atal had passed away and given his life up, he built a very special Gurdwara. This Gurdwara had nine levels, one for each year of Baba Atal's life. The Gurdwara was built over looking the tank of Bibi Kaulon. Langar is prepared here every day to feed the sick and the elderly.

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Cloning (12/13/2000)
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