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Summary of Question:Suicide - Circumstances In Which It May Not Be A Sin.
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/22/2001 6:55 AM MST

I have searched the forum on this subject but could not find the answer

to my question.

What confuses me is that suicide is considered bad Karma, that a person
should not destroy what God has created.

Some people commit suicide when thay are are depressed and that they
cannot face another day as a living person. O.K you may argue that they
should pray for good health and happiness.
But what happens to a persons soul when they take thier own life.
For example say if a person was raped, and they were left feeling so
degraded they took thier own life because they couldn't bring shame to
the family name. I know for a fact in our society if a person was raped
he/she would not be accepted. The action of taking thier own life
would be they only decent thing that person could do.

In sikhism we are taught that there are no class distinctions and that
everyone is equal regardless of social status or creed. But this is
only accepted in theory NOT in practice.

With the divorce rate so high now, divorced females are considered less
than third class citizens.
I know of one divorced lady who was thrown out of her marital home by
her entire "in-law family", (if I were to tell you what her husband and
her in-laws did to her it would put off any woman who read this off the
idea of marriage for life.) I then later heard a Sikh man saying

"The only way that she could dignify what happened to her was
by killing herself, - the doli of a girl enters her inlaws
and the corpse of the girl leaves her in-laws!!!"

How can this notion be justified when so many sikh people share the
same ideaologies as above?
What would happen to the soul of a person if they were to go ahead
with committing suicide, if they were in the same situation as above?


There are no circumstances in which a person can escape their karma. There are two ways to deal with karma - live it, or burn it. Burn it at the the feet of the Infinite, in simran or seva. No matter how bad life gets, no matter how bad you are treated by the people and circumstances surrounding you, that is your karma and you must deal with it. If you take your own life, you don't escape the pain you are experiencing. You will take that pain with you and experience it for time far beyond the length of a human life.
Mangala Sadhu Sangeet Singh Khalsa

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Suicide - Circumstances In Which It May Not Be A Sin. (02/22/2001)
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