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Summary of Question:I Need Help
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Thursday, 6/07/2001 3:11 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akal,

I need some help please!

I am very confuse that what happent to my boyfreind he love me like gold
I don't know what happent to him since yesterday he don't even call me
nor care about me I keep crying that why he treat me like that what
have I done wrong why I have to suffer like that I really don't know what to
do I could not call him I don't know where to find him I need help please
help me I wil die like that without him I already got a fewer and I know I
will kill myself if he carry on doing that to me.

please help


Dear One:

I do not know where your boyfriend is. I can tell you that you need to get a hold of yourself, and that killing yourself is NEVER the answer. No boyfriend is worth taking your life!! Think what that would do to your family, his family, and your own karma. Do you really want to start existence ALL over again? Attachment is one of the five passions Gursikhs must work to overcome, and this is, I know, a big test for you. But you must NOT take your life over such a thing! Guru will get you through this if you let Him.

The first thing you must do is go stay with an understanding friend or family member and TELL THEM what is going on. DO NOT BE ALONE. Drink water also, a lot. Do your best to breathe deeply through your nose, to calm your mind and nerves. GO RIGHT NOW to the phone and call someone and tell them to come and get you or to come to your house now. If you absolutely cannot tell anyone (and I think there must be someone you CAN tell!), go to a gurdwara and sit in front of Guruji. Just let Guruji work on you in His way, even if there is no gurdwara service going on. Or go to Babaji's room in your house or a friend/family member's house. I have found that just sitting with Babaji can bring calm.

Then, you or someone should contact his family. It might hurt you greatly to find out that he cannot, for whatever reason, see you again, but at least you will know. The not knowing what has happened is hurting you.

Many of us women have been hurt at least once by a boyfriend, and in this way. That happens. Young men can be fickle, and maybe this is what happened. Or maybe he had to go away suddenly and could not call you. But you WILL SURVIVE and you WILL MOVE ON. Those of us who have traveled this painful path are stronger and wiser for it.

Your post says you cannot contact his family. If this relationship is not an open relationship, it is perhaps, not a solid relationship. Guru in His wisdom may be trying to tell you something, Dear. Please take my advice immediately.

Guru bless and protect you always,

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