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Summary of Question:Gurdwra/Parshad
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/08/2001 3:59 PM MDT

dear siknet,

I really enjoy your forum and visit it daily to see what people are asking. i to have a thought I would like to present.
1)I have been going to the gurdwara for a long time.Lately it seems I do not feel fullfilled by going I am to caught up with the people there and my own importance.Let me also add that I feel very fullfilled just sitting at home with guru granth sahib and reading bani.I'm not really asking a question rather trying to get some guidance.Guru sahib says that sangat is of utmost importance but what happens when you get distarcted by peoples bad intentions toward you and you can feel it, and this happens in sangat.Could you maybe give me some guidance.I feel guilty not going to the gurdwara but when I go I am not fullfilled in any way.I'm not sure really what to do. I'm not motivated in any way to go anymore.

2)when we make parshad we put together 5 things can you tell me what effect it
has on our health, what is the good in parshad with respect to health.
thank you I appreciate your time
Wonderful realizations you are sharing.

Sangat is a group. It can be any kind of group, i.e. group of masons or even a group partying and drinking. But, a "Sadh" Sangat is the company of people devoting themselves to God consciousness. "Sadh" is a disciplined person.

Your Gurdwara is a place of the presence of the Guru and the Sadh Sangat, so the power is there. But, I think I understand your reality. When people are sitting around talking during the program, and kids are running around all kinds of speakers and politics that are unpeaceful etc. etc. it sure can be a very non meditative experience. Perhaps you can find a time to bow in the Gurdwara in the early morning or go during a Sukhmani recitation when there is a program that is truely meditative.

If you are truely not motivated to go, then do not feel compelled to go. You can even have a Kirtan or Akhand Path at your home. Or perhaps invite some friends or family to do Path together at home. You should enjoy your devotion and your Sadh Sangat not dread it.

Regarding the Guru's Parshaad, this is food for the soul. The health benefit is to the entire being. The nourishment value of parshaad is more than physical. The joy and nurturing that you feel having meditated, put in your time with the Guru, then the Guru gives you the nurturing and love of this warm sweet blessed food to eat is like the love of a mother feeding her beloved child. This blessed food give nourishment to your body and to your soul and to your emotions. It is a complete blessing>

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Gurdwra/Parshad (04/08/2001)
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