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Summary of Question:Accept Who You Are.
Date Posted:Saturday, 2/17/2001 1:09 PM MST

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I just read a few replies about facial hair on women. All women have facial hair and it is not a disorder to have a little bit. I don't agree, however, that it should be removed. I believe you should accept who you are and have faith in yourself. Sikhism has made it very clear that you are not to remove ANY hair from ANY part of the body at all.

Allowing women to remove facial hair is going against that and I believe that it is wrong. I believe that if men must restrain from cutting their beard then women must stand up for their own beliefs and have self faith. If we go ahead and say its all right to remove facial hair just so women can feel pretty then that is also permitting the shaving of legs and also permitting the cutting of hair because nowadays that is also considered pretty.

I am a Sikh girl and I do have facial hair. I do get ridiculed but not as much as some Sikh girls do because I have something that other girls don't. I have self esteeem, self faith. Nomatter what somebody says i will never alter my religion for a measely person i will have no contact with for most of my life. My school knows that it is part of my religion to keep my hair and that nothing they will say will stop me. Of course some people talk behind my back but I ignore these people by being NO. 1 in school. I believe that ignoring can be hard sometimes, you may cry, but crying just because someone made fun of you? That sounds a little ridiculous over the fact that many people DIED because they had enough self faith to give up their life just to KEEP THEIR HAIR. Comapared to them the future of Khalsa is a disgrace. I'm not saying that its easy. I'm not saying that it's hard. All I 'm saying is that if you accept yourself, others will accept you. The battle is tough but the outcome is a much greater gain

then lose. Tnis is a battle every Sikh person should be prepared to fight. This battle does not fight anyone but yourself. Your attitude. Your future. If you do not stand up today years of battle fought 300 years ago will mean nothing.

As a final say:I am a Sikh girl facing everyday problems in high school. I am 15 and I have discovered the light of God and I pray that every other Sikh person does to.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Your words and the strength of your conviction is very inspiring. May God always bless you with this strength to rise and be victorious with all the challenges you face in this life. May you carry many others with your radiance and shared experience. God bless you and keep up!

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Accept Who You Are. (02/17/2001)
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