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Summary of Question:Money For Gurdwara
Date Posted:Thursday, 11/20/2008 3:39 PM MST

Sat Sri Akal,

There is a Phase II construction going on of Gurdwara in our area. It needs huge amout of money to complete it. There is also a temple needing three million for construction from some time. I feel like doing something to help but can't do much as I am just a middle-class engineer having big loans myself for house.
I feel changing my career to business would generate money and then I can help out with building G'waras, charity work etc.
Is there a paath to start a successful business/change career? I have no idea about business but would love to do it.

Dear one,
You are a professional so continue in your work that you are trained in. There are many ways to help and to serve other than donating money. Service of teaching, seva, fund raising, Akhand Path, Sehej Path. Service to the community in God consciousness, feeding etc is the real work.

Do not get caught up in the maya of gurdwara buildings.


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Money For Gurdwara (11/20/2008)
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