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Summary of Question:Rehan Sabai And Parkash Of Ggs
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 1/23/2009 5:32 AM MST

Dear Sir, your guidance on Sikhi practices is very significant for us and we are really thankful to you. Your opinion required on below question.

Some time when there is any Gurpurab or rehan sabai kirtan, it gets late or Amrit vela gets start. Guru Mahraj are awakend whole night, should we start Nitnem and other morning rituals or we should Re-Parkash the Maharaj?

Another question is that while doing Sukhasan duering day, should we recite Kirtan Sohla or Pathshai dasween?

Pls. suggest on above. Thanks.

Naresh Kumar
Karachi, Pakistan
[email protected]
Dear one,
When Guru is in Prakash the whole night during Rensabai is is appropriate to take a morning hukam at the end of the morning recitation of daily nitnem.

When we do Sukhasan during the day we do Benti Chaupa-ee rather than Kirtan Sohila. Either is ok.


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Rehan Sabai And Parkash Of Ggs (01/23/2009)
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