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Summary of Question:Help
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 1/31/2001 4:27 PM MST

Sat Sri Akal all loyal and aware brothers and sisters,

How are you.I hope God is keeping the Sikh nation healthy and blessed,and our family unit and morals intact.

I want to take Sikhism seriously.I know a lot about our religion but I lack in some aspects as a Sikh.

Today I want to ask,

.Could you tell me more about naam simran,
.maya and how to control it.

I would be grateful if you could tell me more.

Furthermore I want to say I have an anger problem.I hate Hindus,blacks and muslims who date and marry Sikhs badly.I realise I am a fully fledged racist and feel our people who are with these races are traitors to the Sikh nation.The children who spring from these unions will lose everything we have as Sikhs.Sikhs are ever increasingly dating and marrying out it is sickening to me.It drives me angry and I find it hard not to get worked up about it.I know I am a disgrace to Sikhism because of these views but I always feel the need to speak out,that these groups get what they want from Sikhs but they slaughter us wholesale.

Take care.God bless.
Greetings to you in the Name of God the light of every soul and in the Name of Guru the life of every Sikh.

Naam Simran is meditation on the Name of can be Gurbani, a shabd, a word i.e. Wahe Guru or Har or Sa-Ta-Na-ma.
The process of the practice is important.

1.When you chant 'Wa-he-Guru' must speak the 3 syllables with the tongue and the lips....recite from the naval. Start 'Wa' at the base of the spine, 'hey' is at the naval center(pull the stomach in and release it) and 'Guru' is at the lips like you are kissing God. The eyes focus at the center of the forehead inside your skull.

2. When you chant 'har' you pull in the naval center to your back and release it as your tongue strikes your upper palate(roof of your mouth). Your eyes must focus on the tip of your nose for this simran....this will cut your rambling thoughts.

3. Sa-ta-na-ma you meditate and focus your eyes on the top of the skull. As you recite the sound focus the eyes first at the top of the head and then to the center of the you are emptying your head out your third eye. (You are actually clearing out your mind and your past) You press each finger with your thumb...'sa' press thumb and pointer finger
'ta' press thumb to middle finger, 'na' press thumb to ring finger, 'ma' press thumb to pinkie finger. Repeat over and over. Press hard with 5 pounds of pressure. Speak the sounds out loud for 3 minutes, whisper for 3 minutes, do it silently for 6 minutes, then whisper for 3 minutes and then do out loud for 3 minutes.

All meditations should be done for 40 days for 11 minutes or 31 minutes. You can work up to 2 1/2 hours. At the end of each meditation take at least 3-11 minutes to relax...lie down on your back if you like and rest....focus on the elevated feeling you have created...focus on the power of the Gurus' and the Bani. Bless yourself and your family and bless the world with peace. Choose one to do.

Maya is not something that you need to control. Maya is simply the realm of your experience which is temporary and not part of the unchanging realm of God's truth. You can, however, control your wondering mind. Man Jeetai jag jeet. Win your mind and you will win the world. In other words, when you feel yourself getting swept away by feelings and emotions.....hold your breath, then slow your breath down until your have gained control and feel calm and centered and can see clearly. This is a practice. You get better and more aware of the truth and false in this life the more you practice this technique. So, try it and experience the clarity that will come to you every time you start to feel yourself react to something.

Lastly, about your anger problem....a bigot is a bigot.....a sikh is a seeker of God's truth, not man's limited truth(maya). So, you are well aware of your problem. This is a start.

"If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all"....said a great saint of God and Guru. If we get very basic, it is clear that you are not even seeing God within your self. So, this is the place to start. Your anger is stems from fear....fear of the unknown, whatever. Start your practice of Simran for the next 90 days for 31 minutes each day. Do the practice with the intention of clearing your anger and self hatred. Do this with all the energy of your anger and hatred. You will transform yourself. This angry energy will be transformed into devotion into peace and calmness. Then you will have the experience of God within so you can see the 'God" outside and see the 'God' in others more clearly.

Also, start playing music softly (tape or CD) of Jaap Sahib or Anand Sahib or Sukhmani Sahib in your room or home to support you during your 90 days. I reccommend reading the English translation of "Jaap Ji Sahib" at every day also.

God bless you and remember..."Keep up and you will be kept up". "Chardi Kala".

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Help (01/31/2001)
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