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Summary of Question:Spiriual Or Material?
Date Posted:Tuesday, 12/05/2000 11:56 AM MST

okay i just wanna follow up on my previous said that You and I can't judge anybody...but do we know enough how God actually judges any for in life, every parent wants their kids to be successful in life...meaning college degree and good thats material things...cuz i mean most people in the world today just want their kids to be successful in life...and spiritual spirit is not encourged that should we now encourge others to be spiritual and successful in life...or just one or the other one property Spiritual or Material is good enough....especially, is material life good enough or "naam" is MUST as well?

I'm sorry for asking these kinda questions....i'm jus curious!
Naam is a must! You can be sucessful materially....and when you achieve that material success, if you do not have that spiritual dimension in your life working for you, you will feel quite empty.

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Spiriual Or Material? (12/05/2000)
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