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Summary of Question:I Hate My Parents
Date Posted:Wednesday, 1/31/2001 1:05 PM MST

Hello everyone...i am sure many of you wont understand me but here i am telling you i absolutely hate my parents. I know i shouldnt say that but that's how i feel. I feel like the black sheep in the family. My brother gets everything. At the age of 18 he had a car and gets away with everything he does. I know i sound materialistic but that's not what its about. Its about freedom...if i ever try to confront them about it they end it with sayig "we love you both the same, but he's a boy so he can do anything and get away with it". I hate this, i absolutely hate my family, even my brother is a pure A**hole to me. He has the indian boy mentality embedded in his head about how girls are inferior. I dont know what to do. Lately i have been fighting with everyone in my family and havent been talking to my father for the last 3 months. And in order to rebel i cut my hair and plucked my eyebrows and have started sneakin out with guys. Am i wrong? What do i do? Is there an escape? They wont let me move out

to college either. Every time I do something that they dont like they threaten me and say that they'll pull me out of college and get me married. Sometimes i wish i'd say 'fine do it'! but i dont because im scared.Please help..and worst of all, I've stopped believing in God.Pleaase help as soon as possible...
If you would like to contact me personally, feel free, my email address is [email protected]
Greetings to you in the Name of God and Guru.

Who are you? Do you have any idea? Right now you are and angry and unhappy young woman expressing resentment for her family. Unfortunately, any actions done out of anger will only end up hurting yourself. You are already in a lot of pain.

The reality here is your response to your family. The situations you get are what you need in your life for you to excell. You can hate God, you can hate your parents....but it is your own personal taylor made life. What you do now will hurt you or benefit you your whole life through. You are not your brother and he is not you. Thank God for that.

It is not a question of your not being a "material girl". It is a question of, how do you deal with the challenges and difficulties on your life? One way is, to bitch and complain and react and be commotional...feel miserable, unhappy and mistreated. The other way is to, accept the challenge of the situation, however unfair it may seem....use your intelligence and devotion to find genuine happiness and gratitude. I can garantee that even with the car and the freedom to debauch himself, your brother is not finding genuine happiness.

This is your special opportunity. Are you good enough to face the wind of opposition....use it to fill your sail so you can speed across the waters of life and enjoy the ride? That is why the Guru says Sikhs eat adversity for breakfast, challenge for lunch and opposition for dinner. This is your opportunity for you to truely expand you thinking, expand your experience of life and and expand your experience of joy.

Think of it this way. You are a daughter of Guru Gobind Singh and Mata Sahib Kaur. Your parents are simply the caretakers. When a problem occurs you go to the Guru for understanding as to what is really happening. You go to the Guru for guidence of how to deal with the situation. As a daughter of the Guru, you choose not to react to challenges emotionally...because this emotionality limits your creative and intuitive power. The emotionality saps your energy and makes you weak and powerless.

When the challenge comes you respond with readiness to recieve the situation without the reaction. You will find the underlying truth that will serve you in your consiousness. You are luckier than your brother. You have a chance to learn to master your reactions. If you take this opportunity to learn meditation and discipline, you will have great wisdom and insights as a result.

The only real freedom is the freedom from this illusion of the limited life around us. When you go deeply into the realm of your own God consciousness, that is when you will experience freedom.

For the next 90 days do 2 things every day:

1. Read the Jap Ji Sahib(english) translation

2. do 31 minutes of one minute breath
-inhale through the nose for 20 seconds
-hold the breath in for 20 seconds
-exhale the breath through the nose for 20 seconds

Surrender....and accept the gift of this special time of your life. Your entire life will be filled with happiness and real clarity of what freedom is. When you live in mastery over your own limited mind you will be the most beautiful and radiant powerful woman. You are lucky to be a woman. She is 16x stronger than a man.

God bless you.....and do this and win your freedom!

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I Hate My Parents (01/31/2001)
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