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Summary of Question:Kesh Or Keski And Permanent Hair Removal Methods
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 12/28/2000 1:17 AM MST



I have been seriously thinking of amritshaking lately but there are some concerns I have.

is the fifth kakar kesh, keski (I have read through a lot of your articles already and I am still confused) ?? and what does keski mean - wearing a turban or keeping your head covered? if the fifth kakar is not keski then do you have to have your head covered all the time or just try to have it covered when going to the gurdawara and other religious events??

I know for sure that I will not be able to wear a turban right after I amritshak. I am thinking of things a step at a time but is that OK. eventually, I want wearing a turban to be part of my daily routine. My mother does not cover her head all the time. For example, she does not cover her head at work but she tries to any other time. Is this OK???

is it that kesh is the fifth kakar but wearing a keski helps in achieving your spiritual goal? but then why do all amritdhari men wear a turban?

I also have other concerns:

I am not comfortable with my facial hair and I have been using methods to remove it for many years. but as an amridhari I am not supossed to remove any hair on the body. I not this is a cunning way of doing it but their are permanent hair removal systems and I wanted to do this before I take amrit so I don't have to worry about the hair thing. but, I want to take amrit a.s.a.p and the permanent hair removal method takes about 36 months to be fully completed. I cannot survive without amrit that long but is it OK that I still remove my hair after taking amrit for a short period of time. Will I be breaking my amrit?? or is it OK for me to do this as a sikh, a "learner" and slowly try to integrate as much rehit into my life as possible, one step at a time. Is this hair removing thing really a big deal in the whole scheme of things. I want to take amrit because I am having severe emotional and psychological problems and if my hair removing breaks my amrit and my amrit shaking will not help my situation then I don'

t know what I will do!!!!

I feel like I cannot be successful in any area of my life without taking amrit.

please try to clear up these questions for me as soon as possible


a person who desperately wants to wants to feel god's greatness and love

Greetings to you in the Name of God the light of every soul and in the Name of Guru, the life of every Sikh.

Dear Baby girl. God is great and so are you. Remember that you are a part of the great and wonderful Creator and creation.

The fifth Kaka that you are inquiring about is "kesh" We do not remove hair from any part of our body. The hair is antenna on our body that electrifies and protects.

Keshki is a small turban which some people wear. This is not a Kaka! If keshki was a Kaka, you would have to wear one ...on your head, and under your armpits too.

The turban is part of the technology of keeping long hair. Women in Indian society have always been at a disadvantage to men. Men have been wearing the joora and turban which keeps channeling their radiant energy. Women have been keeping their hairs down and putting on a chuni that usually falls off. What kind of equality is that for a Khalsa woman?

When you become Amritdhari, you always go into "public" with your "crown of consciousness", your turban, on your head. Your turban is a banner as well as your protection. The turban protects the kesh and keeps the bones of your skull adjusted. The turban causes all who meet you to view you at your crown center rather than at a lower place i.e.breasts or butt or other sexual place. People are more inclined to see you as a whole person rather than a body part. This is helpful for a woman. The fact that Indian women have not been encouraged to wear a turban does not make this practice correct

Regarding your concern about your facial hair; rest assured that facial hair does not belong on the face of a woman. Usually, facial hair on a woman is indicative of a glandular imbalance that exists. This can be treated medically. This is not an issue of breaking one's Amrit.

You have mentioned that you have severe emotional and psychological problems and that you feel taking the Amrit will help you with these problems. I would advise you to do only that which you feel sure of. Whatever gives you confusion, do not go there!

The power of the rehit goes to anyone who practices it with fullness. Right now start with your nitnem......get up in the morning and read all your bani's from start to finish...before you leave your room before you leave your home. You seem to have a great need right now. Start doing this from Jap Ji to Kirtan Sohila and feel the clarity and comfort that this will bring into your life. Let the emotions leave you and feel the clarity that the Bani's will bring to your day.

You can take Amrit, but you can also benefit from the technology by just doing it!

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