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Summary of Question:Intellectual Pursuits...
Date Posted:Sunday, 11/15/2009 7:26 PM MST

I was reading today's Hukumnama (November 15, 2009) and it said in the English translation to "abandon all intellectual pursuits of the mind." What does that mean? Does it mean that academics are bad? Sorry, I know that sounds quite absurd, but that's how I seem to interpret it. Is that right?


P/S: I really hope it doesn't mean that academics are bad...:)

Sat Nam,
No academics are not bad. The intellectual pursuits the scriptures are talking about are usually anything that will make you try to understand God with your mind. Mind is a very limited thing. The essence of your soul has nothing to do with your mind or intellect. Mind has been given to us as a tool only to navigate in this life, but if you are able to let it go and drop all the intellectual explanations of phenomenon on planet Earth and beyond ... you will be able to start to understand what God is really all about.

I believe in Japji Sahib it is stated quite simply that there is no amount of words that can ever describe God and the person who tries to do that is the biggest fool.

Academics study the wold and help us see components of it but they can never help us see the whole. God is everything you can possibly imagine or think of and it can only be understood and felt through deep meditation.

Just because we live on this planet in the physical world it is nice to know the academics but it is not what the world is really about.


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