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Summary of Question:Sports And Religion-2
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Monday, 4/30/2001 12:29 PM MDT

Sat Sri Akal JI

I have played volleyball in high school, and i would take off
my kara (at that time i did not no) so that while we would
play i would not injure anyone, now i have never taken off
my kara for any reason, but i would love to jion a team at
my college and play there, but how can i avoid injuring someone(not that i want to injure them), my freind told me to just wear a wrist band to cover the kara
but then i would feel guilty about doing that.
thank you

Sat Sri Akal
Dear one,
As Sikhs we are both practical and kind. It is fine to cover your kara with a wrist band, otherwise known as a sweat band. It is also fine to get a smaller thinner kara to wear for sports. It is also fine to put the kara in your pocket while you are playing rather than hurt yourself or others.

However, it is not fine to feel guilty for any of your actions. You contemplate and you act with wisdom and grace. See the God within you and feel the grace of your ability to be wise and act wisely. The God within you deserves that much respect.

God bless you, SKKK

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Sports And Religion-2 (04/30/2001)
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