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Summary of Question:Ardas Everytime We Do A Certain Paath
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/20/2001 2:10 PM MDT

I have read all the discussion questions and I still have not found my answers

I have two questions one is about after reading the Nitnem Ex: Japji Sahib
Do we then do ardas or after we do the Kirtain Sohlia or everytime we read them
Is it bad not to finish the complete paath as I get very tired and feel that I am not giving the paath enough justice that it deserves (evenings only)
also could you please send me the "Raj karega Khalsa" Lines and when do we do these evertime or certain instances
Please reply soon
Thank you
Luv Randhawa

Your ardas is your personal prayer to God before Guru. When you do your morning path, the ardas is your opportunity to address the Akal Purakh and speak what is in your heart. When, you do it, is according to your relationship with God and the ritual you create that fits into your daily routine. I do my ardas in the am as the completion of my "devotion" and starting of my day with the Guru's hukam.

Again, at night when you do your 'path' it is not required to do ardas. You are not leading the Sadh Sangat in the Gurdwara at this time. Even if you are lying in bed doing your Kirtan Sohila.....this is a fine way to end your day with the remembrance of your connection with God and Infinity. You have blessed yourself and you can rest.

God bless you. SKKK

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Ardas Everytime We Do A Certain Paath (03/20/2001)
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