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Summary of Question:Want To Concentrate
Date Posted:Sunday, 1/10/2010 9:31 AM MST

waheguru ji ka khalsa .waheguru ji ki fateh .

whenever i sit for chanting the name of waheguru .i am always unable to concentrate despite my mind wonders here and there.


Sat Nam,
What you are going through is very common for most everyone who just starts to meditate. All the garbage needs to come out from your subconscious mind before you can successfully still your conscious mind and be able to meditate. That is why there is only one command in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and that is JAAP. Repeat the mediation over and over again for hours, days and years if you have to before you start getting results.
There are couple of recommendations that apply to beginners. Pick all your mantras to be very short and simple ones like Wahe Guru and Sat Nam. They are called Bij mantras or Seed mantras that plant the seed of the meditation in you. Also find a Kundalini Yoga manual to find those meditations with specific mudras. In other words find meditations that have specific purpose that you can concentrate on. For example if you feel like you need prosperity in your life or health or protection or anything else you can think of... find the meditation that works specifically for that purpose and concentrate on it every time you meditate. Purposeful concentration will help you clear your mind faster.
My last advise and probably one of the most powerful is to do White Tantric Yoga. It works directly on clearing your subconscious mind and will help you to go much much deeper into any meditation. Look at to find the schedule of White Tantric near you.

Good luck,

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