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Summary of Question:I Need Help
Date Posted:Monday, 8/09/2010 12:30 PM MDT

i want to deepen my faith in god but my mind pulls me to believe in my own capabilities i consider muslf guilty for my mistakes and i pat myself for gud things i do .i feel nothing can be left to god efforts have to be put in .but in that case what is kismat and karam. my heart says god is the doer and my brain feels we do things for even bad bad things turn gud wid the stroke of gud luck? if so then what is gud luck.the major part of my question is god guides us when we do something he erects the platform for us but what about the things which do effect us but don't fall in our domain of action for example marriage?


Sat Nam,
God always guides us there is no doubt about that. The question is in our mind. Our mind gets involved with everything else and keeps destructing us from the right path or confusing us on what the best thing is for us.

Try doing Kirtan Kriya.
Here is a link with explanation on what to do :
It helps us break through our old unwanted patterns to bring clarity into our lives.

Good Luck,

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I Need Help (08/09/2010)
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