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Summary of Question:Cloning
Date Posted:Wednesday, 12/13/2000 6:55 AM MST


I agree with the notion of that " If you don't see God in all you
don't see God at all ".

But what about revenge and murder.
If someone was to murder another human being to take revenge for an act
of tarnishing someones " family Izzat " - how bigger a sin would it be?

I understand that 2 wrongs don't make a right, but what if for
example someone was to take revenge for a rape/sexual attack.
Or even someone murdering the " ex in-laws " of thier sister/daughter,
if she was violently, physically and emotionally abused and tormented
and then thrown out of the marital home, thus resulting in divorce.

Would that person be just as bad as the tortureous attackers?
I know that it is all to do with an individuals morals and ethics, but
surely our great tenth guru must have left his children some guidelines.
I know that there is an old punjabi phrase which roughly translates as:-

" If the people who distribute violence and harm are bad
then the peolple who accept it are just as bad aswell. "

I appreciate that there are alot of issues that are involved in what I
have said, but I would sincerely appreciate it if you could answer my

Thankyou very much for your co-operation.
Greetings and blessings to you in the Name of God and Guru.

In the Muhl Mantra, by Guru Nanak, he describes the Creator of this creation. Guru Nanak says " He is without fear, without revenge...." etc. etc.

The point is that there are acceptable ways of righting a wrong without killing or acting in anger and revenge. Acting according to the law of the land is one of our required ways of living as a Sikh.

Then there is the law of karma...every action has a reaction, equal and opposite. We earn what happens to us. For one to judge that what has happened to them is unjust is just beyond knowing. This is why we meditate and chant the Name of God to expand our awareness of the truth of the life that we are living.

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Cloning (12/13/2000)
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