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Summary of Question:Feeling Left Out
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Friday, 5/11/2001 10:40 AM MDT


My problem is that there arent any Indian people in the area that I live in. I mean I've been living here for almost all my life. I dont go to parties and I hardly ever go to the Gurudwara...because it is far away and my family only goes once in a while. I've been living near so many non-indian people that I'm afraid that I'll forget about my "own" I mean it is very hard for me everyday in school, there isnt anyone that I can realate to. And I dont have much of a social life because of this. My parents are afraid that if I hang out with too many "others" that I will take the wrong path and mess up my life. But I know whats rite for me and I wont do that. I mean there have been people who asked me to smoke and drink...but I knew that it was wrong and against my religion not to do it. I also get jealous of other indians especially girls because my mom is always comparing me to her friends daughters and my girl cousins saying things that really hurt me. I mean she's my mother and she isnt supposed to say things

like that. I cry and I cry thinking "What is wrong with me, that my own mother has to go ahead and say bad things about me and lower my self-esteem. If you could please help me with all these would really be good for me. Thank You for your time and God Bless.


There are some people who are Indians who drink and smoke, there are some people who are Indians who do not drink and smoke. There are some people who are Americans and who drink and smoke, there are some people who are Americans and who do not drink and smoke. In life you always will have to discriminate to find the things to do and the people to meet who are like you. It is possible in all cultures. Talk to people, get to know them, let them get to know you. Instead of thinking that they will alter your values, share your values with them.
Talk to your mother and tell her how it makes you feel when she talks to you that way.
Read from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and listen to the Guru's words. There is nothing better for raising your self-esteem!

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Feeling Left Out (05/11/2001)
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