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Summary of Question:Getting Paid Back For Your Actions
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/28/2001 9:09 PM MDT


I searched for "karma" on this website, and found a lot of interesting stuff.. But all of my questions still aren't answered, and I'm a little confused..

People say that all the good/bad things you do in THIS life will benefit or come back to you in your next lifetime. However, I've noticed that sometimes when I do something that I know is wrong, it always comes back to me and I get paid back for it.. I never really see this happening to other people, for example when I see somebody picking on a little kid, it doesn't usually backfire on the bully..

Do you know why this happens, and shouldn't people who do evil against others get punishment for it in THIS life? Or people who are selfless and do alot of seva, shouldn't they live happy lives? Because what if someone doesn't reincarnate, and they become one with God after they die, then did they live through heaven and hell on earth?
I personally feel that when people do bad things against others just to make themselves look good, they should have the same bad thing happen to them, so they know how it feels..
It isn't fair to get away with hurting others, and now I'm MUCH more aware of it and I always put my self in others' shoes. I'm always careful of what I say, how I act, just trying to prevent hurting anyone, because I know how it feels. But do I really need to be that paranoid, am I just being too nice?

I see so many people who backstab others, and set other people up. Shouldn't they experience what it feels like?
I know that since I've started being nicer and gotten more into sikhi, I've been so much happier and confident.. I wish for other people to realize they should be truthful but most people fail to take religion and karma seriously...

Please clear up my confusion, THANKS!


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Instant karma is the blessing of those who walk on a spiritual path. As you have noticed, when you are aware of the consequences of your actions you tend to be more careful about what you do. When you have no understanding of karma, of the consequences of your actions, what's to keep you from doing as you please, regardless of how it affects others?

A person who lives this life cheating, abusing and maligning others but suffers no consequences in return is in a very sorry state because there is no escape from your actions. If they were to realize the nature of karma in this life then they could at least do something to work off the karma they have been creating - change their behavior to service instead of slander, do seva or meditate on the Infinite. If they continue to cheat and abuse others until they die, they may have to go through millions of incarnations before they again have the opportunity to do seva or meditate on the Infinite in this human incarnation.

A person who lives this life very humbly in service yet doesn't live a happy life may well be working off mountains of past-life karma. Whatever misfortune befalls them is far less than if they did nothing to work off their karma.

There is a very good book called 72 Stories of God, Good & Goods available from Ancient Healing Ways. It has a lot of good stories illustrating concepts such as karma.

Most important is to remember Waheguru with every breath.
Mangala Sadhu Sangeet Singh Khalsa

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Getting Paid Back For Your Actions (03/28/2001)
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