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Summary of Question:Feng Shui
Date Posted:Tuesday, 2/15/2011 8:26 PM MST

wahigur ji ki khalsa, wahigur ji ki fateh

I have a question about feng shui/vaastushastra.My parents have a very troubled marriage and ever since I was a child I have prayed for them to be oka as a couple but there are numerous issues among my parents but I still have faith in Wahigur. We came very close to losing one of our parents they went missing and it was due to the other parent and after that myself and my siblings asked one of our other family members and they advised us to try feng shui in the home because our father says that he is going to walk out on the family and he already has another women which we all know. We allowed the feng shui and the feng shui person told us that if we put up a door in one of the entertanceswe have (my father is in process of renovating the home and wants to add a door which the person says will block chi energy) and also says that we will either lose my brother or father and so we are very scared and confused. I pray to guru ji and talk to guru ji all day long but I realli need to know is there any path or shabad i can do to create peace at home and have peaceful family life among my parents and also if i can do beenti to guruji to stop the door or shall i not worry about it because my father will not listen to us at all. Please provide some advise. Thank you God Bless You (this sewa you do is wonderful)
My dear, I am sorry you have this happening in your family. But this is Gurus' kirpa. Forget about FENG SHUI. This can be a form of superstition. There is a beautiful shabd that you can print and put by your front door. "SAT GUR KAR DEENAi ASTIR DARBAR....................I have placed this by my front door for protection. Also, playing Gurbani kirtan in your home will be good vibration to have 24/7. If you can find this recording on SIKHNET or anywhere it would be a good vibration to have playing in your home. God bless you and keep up!!! SK

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Feng Shui (02/15/2011)
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