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Summary of Question:Lost
Date Posted:Sunday, 8/09/2009 1:01 AM MDT

fateh ji.

i have a bf and he is younger than me.. i love him a lot. i did a lot of things for him. scarificed so much for him.. i would stay up late to pray for him when he is going through hard times.. and when i wanted his support during my hard times, he would just tell me to be positive.. thts all.. then now he tells me that he is not ready to be in a relationship and wants to be single.. i feel so broken. i feel really used and worthless. he tells me to forget him and like someone else.. but i really love him.. i suspect tht he likes this gal whom he keeps on smsing and he knows i dont like it but he claims tht she is his best friend.. i let tht go cause i trust him.. but now he is trying to ignore me and tht hurts.. my friends tell me to move on but i still have faith tht everything will be fine and i still would sms him or call him but there would not be any reply.
sometimes, i feel tht now tht all this is happening, i have lost the meaning of love and tht it only brings pain.. even worst, i'm an amritari and the only one in my family.. and i feel tht this bf thing is all wrong but i really do love him and i feel he dont seee it.. why is it happening to me? i feel worthless, lost, alone and used. i never thought of harming anyone. then why me? now i feel tht i should divert my attention to Guru and love him cause he is still with me no matter what. but i really do love my bf.. what should i do? what?
fateh ji.
You are the daughter of the Guru. This love that you talk about is based in EMOTION. Emotion is a result of EGO. You have the gift of Wahe Guru and marriage to SGGS. Turn your emotion into DEVOTION. You know the answer. Dedicate yourself to daily practice of MERA MAN LOCHE Gur DARSHAN TAA-EEE...................." Your love and longing can be redirected and invested into your love of God rather than some one who does NOT love you. Then let God and Guru care for you and your love life. It will all clear.

This guy is NOT WORTH ALL THE PAIN AND DISAPPOINTMENT! Be smart and stop being naieve. Bollywood is NOT real life. Take your mental energy and apply it to your singing of this shabd for 31 minutes to 2 1/2 hours daily for 40 days. Cry and sob and let Guru lift you to a wonderful place.

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Lost (08/09/2009)
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