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Summary of Question:Do Wishes Come True?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 12/08/2000 6:17 AM MST

Hello to everyone on sikhnet,

I think you are doing a great job by educating sikhs from all over the world on sikhism and its teachings. However, I have always had a lot of unanswered questions in my mind, one of them is whether wishes come true or not? I know this is a very vague question, so i will elaborate. What I am referring to here is that say for example a person is stuck in a dilemma or tough situation, or badly needs something, is it possible that his wish is fulfilled so he can get out of the tough situation by doing naam, simran, etc. and ask god for it. I know this really sounds dumb and you will probably say god resides within u or something along those lines, but, however, it is a question that I would like a detailed answer in and a prompt reply would be greatly appreciated as im in a really tough situation now and need psychological and mental help. I know I shouldn't try to make people sympathise with me or share my problems with people i dont even know, but it is an important question for everyones lives i think. So ple

ase answer ASAP.
Satnam Ji:
And thank you for your message. It was received gratefully. Your question was very inspiring in itself.
Every prayer is answered because when we pray, we speak to the Infinite. The Infinite is limitless, boundless, and without lack. By His Grace, all prayers are easily fulfilled in an instant, effortlessly.
What makes a prayer work? Only God knows. What we have experienced is that the prayer needs to be clear, concise, and come from the heart and soul of the person. It must be a pure prayer and a humble prayer. It must be for the benefit of all. This type of prayer always comes back in its form as asked. Prayers which are not clear, well-defined, conscious, and kind will come back in various forms. And everything happens in its own time and space, by the Creativity and Infinity of the One Spirit, which is maintaining and balancing the realities of all beings with each moment. People who consistently make negative prayers, such as projecting negative thoughts and imagining negative activities and events, will find these negative experiences materializing in their lives as well.
We have three minds: negative, positive, and neutral. A prayer can be projected through any of these minds and the answer/result will be in the same vibration in return.
When we meditate, we listen to the Infinite. This process cleans our minds and prepares us to HEAR. Suniai means listening. In the JapJi, Guru Nanak in four pauris describes the benefits of listening. We cannot listen without silence within, and this silence within comes from meditation. Regular practice of meditation brings the silence that allows us to hear the Infinite will inside, and the experience of this brings great inner peace.
Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji says: Take one step towards the Guru, and the Guru will take a million steps toward you. Satguru daya nidh, mayhema agaadh bodhh. Namo, namo, namo, namo nayt nayt nayt hay.
Develop your relationship with the Guru, to experience that the Guru always comes through for you. Through devotion to the Guru, you become attuned to the Guru's will and then all your prayers are answered. This is guaranteed by the Guru.

If you have a special need at this time for which you need help, you can recite this shabd by Guru Ram Das for making the impossible, possible. Do it 11 times a day for next 40 to 90 days with complete concentration:
Dhan Dhan Ram Das gur jin Siri-aa tinai savaa-ri-aa
Great o great is Guru Ram Das, God who created you alone has embellished you.
Puree ho-ee karam aat, aap sirjan haa-rai dhari-aa
Perfect is your miracle God,Himself has installed you on on His throne.
Sikhee othai sangatee parabrahm kar Naam nistaa-ri-a
The SIkhs and the Sadh Sangat consider you to be God Himself.
Atal ataho atolatoo(n) tera antana paravaa-ri-aa
You are unshakable, unfathamable and immeasureable, you power has no limit.

Jinee tu(n) sayvee-aa bha-o kar say tudh par utaa-ri-a
Those who serve you with love are carried across the difficulties of this world ocean.

Lab lob kam krodh moh, mara kaday tudh sapara va-ree-a
Lust, anger, greed pride and attachment, you drive out these paaaions.
Dhan so teraa taan hai sach teraa pai-sa kaaree-aa
Great is the place where you reside, truth is always heard there.

Nanak Tu(n) Lehenaa tu(n) hai Guru Amara tu(n) veechaa-ri-aa.
You are Nanak, you are Angad and you are Amardas
so do I recognize you.

Gur dithaa taa(n) man saadhaa-ri-aa.
Seeing the Guru, my doubt is gone and my soul is sustained.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

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Do Wishes Come True? (12/08/2000)
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