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Summary of Question:Meat
Date Posted:Friday, 12/29/2000 9:09 PM MST

I've noticed that at the gurudwara where i go and my dad and my sister got baptised...... singhs (punj piyare)told them that they can eat meat.... I just want to know what sikhism says about....All i know is one shouldn't eat meat... but also heard that "no halal"..... I'm confused here.... Can a amritdhari sikh eat meat or not... if yes under what circumstances....

The question of meat is a well worn controversy. Better not to debate. If you are not eating meat, then consider yourself lucky and keep moving forward.

Basically, a Sikh should eat the diet of the Guru's Langar. This means no meat no fish no eggs.

Since the Akal Takhat has included meat in the Amrit guidelines, (as long as it is not "Halal") it can get very confusing for those of us who recognise the importance of not killing or consuming another life for our maintanance.

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Meat (12/29/2000)
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