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Summary of Question:M Pregnant For 6 Months. Is It 2Late To Ask 4Speci Path During Dis Time Of Preg?
Date Posted:Friday, 7/02/2010 7:08 AM MDT

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh..

i am pregnant for 6 months.. i tried a lot but i couldn't do path in my pregnany days as i wished to.. accept japji sahib.. i didnot do any other path or jaap in all six months. i disappoint myself.. i want to do more path for my baby.. is it too late to know any special path for him/her? please help me.. before marriage i used to do path as much as i wished.. but after marriage or after being here in canada everythin change.. dats reduced to only japji sahib in mornin.. dats it. m not satisfied.. i must do more path as i m pregnant now.. i want to know from u which special path should i do so dat me n my baby both get satisfaction..


Sat Nam,

It is not too late.
Do PUTAA MAATAA KEE AASEES - for a child to have a saintly and long life
Also, SATIGUR SAACHAI SEE-AA BHAYJ - to bring a saint into the world

The first Shabad you can do your whole life to make sure that your child is on the right path. So it is never too late. You can always do something for the baby even after they are born. Doing Japji is already a wonderful thing. I don't think you made a mistake at all.


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M Pregnant For 6 Months. Is It 2Late To Ask 4Speci Path During Dis Time Of Preg? (07/02/2010)
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