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Summary of Question:What Is Hola Mahelaa
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/08/2001 5:27 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akal.

I wanted to ask you about the event "Hola Mahelaa". What is it? Why do we celebrate it? What happend on that day? I have asked my parents but tey are unsure as well.

Baljit Singh Dhadad
[email protected]


Sat Nam,
Holla Mohalla is a day that was established by Guru Gobind Singh Ji for Sikhs to come to Anandpur Sahib from all over to practice Gutka together. It is always celebrated the day after Holi in mid-March. Tens of thousands of Sikhs come to Anandpur Sahib from all over the world to gather together and practise the martial skills that Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave to us. If you have never had the chance to be in Anandpur Sahib during Holla Mohalla, you should definately go. The sight of Nihang Singhs on their horses playing Gutka is a truly inspiring one.
Sat Siri Akal!

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What Is Hola Mahelaa (05/08/2001)
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