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Summary of Question:Hot Water,Warm Water,Or Cold Water
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/18/2001 8:51 PM MDT


Khalsa Ji,i read on a Sikh website that during AmritVela one must take bath in cold water...not even warm water!...i know its hard...i start with hot water...make it warm,and further reduce its temperature to cold...i know it requires great strength to wake up,put yourself under cold it right what i am doing?

Fantastic! You are on the right path. That first sound you make when you get under that cold the best....Wha!!!!!!!!!!!

You are strengthening your nervous system and flushing your capillaries and purifying your blood by doing this early morning cold Ishnan. You have a lot of company too. There are a lot of us who really swear by the benefits of morning cold showers. However, it is time to drop the warm starter. Do the warm water at the end after the cold shower.

Here are a few suggestion. Get some almond oil or sesame oil from the grocery store. Before showering, rub the oil all over your body. Then, make sure that you have your katchera's on or a bathing suit that covers the thighs. This protects the male testicles from the cold and maintains the calcium balance in the thigh. Then, turn on the cold shower full blast. You start by placing an arm or leg into the water and that is when the "Wah" comes out! So, massage your body parts as you place them into the cold shower. You do not have to submerge your whole self all at once. Gradually, you cover everything and the water should even feel less cold. Three minutes of cold shower massage will do it. The trick is the oil and the massage under the water. Keep it a great invigorator. Your face and complexion will look really bright.

God bless you, SKKK

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Hot Water,Warm Water,Or Cold Water (04/18/2001)
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