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Summary of Question:How To Live In This Lifestyle
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 8/12/2010 9:49 AM MDT


I am a Masters sudent, currently working in a IT firm. I am bit confused. I do Japji Sahib and Chaupai Sahib path daily and try to do nitnem and Seva as much as a i can. My confusion is on how to live in this modern lifestyle. I daily read Hukamnama. I get to understand that one should not run after money and try to be in guru's disciple. Now, being in job, you tend to go after money and do things in which may not be in accordance of what i learn. In this world, one who has got more money is considered more successful. Everyone has their own strong points. I have mine. I know how to manage money and people. How to grow business and generate money. But I am confused that what i am doing or will do, is this according to teachings. Should i quit this?..???... this is only thing i know and have studied.. i wanna grow my career and be successful...
I really confused on how to be a good sikh and still live life in this lifestyle..

***** REPLY *****

Bhai Ji - Sat Siri Akal! It matters not what others think of you. If others think you a fool, then that is the greatest blessing. Be a fool of God.

If you are true to yourself and to your Guru, then you set the example for everyone else.

Feed people whether or not anyone else does it.
Welcome others whether or not anyone else does it.
Open your heart and serve others whether or not anyone else does it.

When you work and serve honestly and humbly, Guru Ji will take care of your needs and money will come to you. Never chase after money. If you chase after a guy's wife, it does not endear him to you. It pisses him off. So, don't chase Lakshmi. Relate to Narayan. It is in that relationship that He will share His wealth with you.

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