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Date Posted:Friday, 1/16/2009 11:15 AM MST

first of all i congratulate sikhnet for providing me n many more with great information about sikhism.i'm still learning about it.i'm a sikh and i want to be an amritdhari but my parents are not allowing me to do that.they think that being a girl i may have to face many problems in my future life.but i have full faith in brothers are both amritdhari and they are telling me not to ask from the parents as our real parent is GOD.that is what they too did.but i don't want to go against my parents.i'm greatly confused.i'm practising nitnem daily and trying to devote time towards GOD but my parents don't allow me to sit for paath for a long time so i have started listening to shabads and baani through ipod .my parents think that my studies time is wasted like this.what should i do?i need someone's help.plz answer my question.plz.thank u in anticipation.GOD bless u.

Dear one, You know that the parents of Guru Nanak Dev ji did not support his spiritual lifestyle and pursuits.

You must face this challenge and sounds like you are doing it quite well. You may be a dependent now, but you have your own life to lead at some point. Guru has gifted you with a deep longing for Wahe Guru.

Feel encouraged and continue to discuss with your parents. But, I would reccomend your getting the support of a family member who understands and can speak in support for you with your parents.

Keep up> You are beautiful and DIvine. You will be fine.


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Problem (01/16/2009)
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