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Summary of Question:Make Lost Friend Gursikh
Date Posted:Wednesday, 7/29/2009 12:25 AM MDT


One of my close friends became a patit.I feel very sad from that time.I started doing Ardaas for him so that Waheguru may bless him with Gursikhi Marg and forgives his Poorble Kukaram.
Is there any Shabad or Gurbani Paath which can help me in this.Please Please help me.

Will be very grateful
Amanpreet Singh
Yes, we all see this happen. Then there are people who adopt Sikhee with love and gratitude.
You can recite: Shabd Hazaaray...the first song by Guru Arjan Dev..."Mera Man Loche Gur Darshan Taa-eee........." all four letters. It is for connecting and bringing back those who are lost or wavering.
Recite it 11 times for your friend or SING it for 31 minutes daily. SK

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Make Lost Friend Gursikh (07/29/2009)
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