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Summary of Question:Cutting Hair
Date Posted:Sunday, 12/21/2008 7:22 AM MST


From these last few months my best friend has told me she wants to cut her hair but her parents dont really allow it but she trying to persuade them.when she says this to me i dont say dont do it and i dont say do it i just nod my head at what she says.Im trying to be a better person as its been a year since iv cut my hair and i dont want to cut mines too but my best friend doesnt no its because of religious reasons and she is telling me to cut mines too when she gets hers done.but she has cut her hair before like a trim so i think once u have cut ur hair uv cut it and i think to keep ur hair one has to be understand the reasons spiritually and i dont feel she does bcs she says we should jst live life and i know shes also only doing this for society but its only since our 2nd year in uni shes started to feel like this and in skool she never mentioned anything and iv tried to tell her that no one cares about ur hair so u dont have to feel any social pressure but then i dont wnna sound jealous or anything so i dont say it not saying im perfect but i dont know if its right not to say anything but thers not really anything i can do or say right?

thank you for your kind help.

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Sat Nam Jio - Obviously, if you cut your hairs, they grow back by themselves, right? So why cut your hair? If you want short hairs, just tell God: "Hey, God make my hairs grow short instead of long!"

Do you think that will work? Okay... why or why not?

Think about it.

Life isn't about "should" and "shouldn't." Life is about understanding, compassion and action. The first rule is to understand the real, underlying reasons for your actions. Hair isn't for anyone else and hair isn't to look sexy. Hair is for you and it is part of your body. It has subtle and powerful functions that affect your body's energies and your emotional states.

Act consciously! If you don't understand, then find out before you act.

humbly, .....G

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Cutting Hair (12/21/2008)
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