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Summary of Question:Gurudwara In Hongkong
Date Posted:Wednesday, 5/16/2001 7:26 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akaal.

I'm not sure whether this is the right place to ask and maybe its too late to do so but I really need to know whether there is any gurudwara in Hongkong or not and if there is one, I would like to know the address.I have checked out many sites but to no avail.I am in Taiwan at present and will be going there this Saturday.I hope u will get back soon because I dont want to miss this chance of visiting it.
Thank you.

Sat Siri Akal:

There indeed is a Sikh Temple in Hong Kong. Please go to and click on 'search', marking only "Sikhnet Directory" as the source to search. From there search "Hong Kong" and you will get a list of about 12 people who are in Hong Kong, and you can contact one of them for further details. Sorry for the delay! Good luck!


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Gurudwara In Hongkong (05/16/2001)
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