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Summary of Question:I Am In Love
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/19/2009 4:19 PM MDT

Wale Guru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh,

I need words full of wisdom for my problem. Anyone who wants me to help please do not hesitate.

I have been in love with this guy for over 10 years now. But he does not love me.
He has a girlfriend and they are committed to each other.

He knows that I love him and I know he does not love me. It's clear between us.

But still I can not stop loving him. There are times when I spend sleepless nights crying and asking god to help me and support me.
I ask GOD to send someone in my life who truely loves me.
I live in Canada and still very traditional girl and my age is 27.
I have never ever dated anyone, as I have not been able to find a guy who wants to be in a serious relationship and not touch me.
I am so traditional in my thinking, that SEX, kissing and touching for me is forbidden until I marry.

I am waiting for true love and just cant find one. My parents are looking for a match for me, as per Indian standards my marriage is getting late. (Not to brag: BUT EVERYONE SAYS THAT I AM A VERY PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL GIRL).

Even though I love this guy, I am still of the belief that I should never become second woman in his relation with his girlfriend. I am no one to be creating a problem between 2 people in love. Have never tried to approach him or tried contacting him in any way.
It's been over 7 years since I spoke or saw him.

I sometimes feel that it's my bad karma that even though my love and feelings are true, I still cannot get him.

I do my paath daily and believe in WAHEGURU. I have never smoked and nor do I do drugs or drink.

What I want is some words full of wisdom and love from you guys, so that my trust in waheguru does not shake.
It kills me everyday that I can not get the person I have truely loved in my life.

It kills me to see people falling in love and getting married.

My question is: Why can I not find true love and be happy.


How to get Waheguru's blessings and clear my past bad karma.

Dear one, redirect your love of this man to Guru Ram Das Singh. When you think of this guy, replace his face and figure with the face and figure of Guru Ram Das. It is very unhealthy for you to be doing this game with your psyche of projecting emotionally to a man with another woman. Please correct yourself and open yourself to Guru's guidence. Let WAHEGURU fill your life with someone who can return your loving devotion. Be open and recite the shabd...."Mangala Saaj Bhayaa........" and find happiness with your God. SK

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I Am In Love (05/19/2009)
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