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Summary of Question:Are Sikhs A Bunch Of Jokes???????
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Saturday, 2/03/2001 12:31 PM MST

Sat Sri Akal!

I wish to ask this simple question that why these days sikhs are just represented as bunch of duds by media(espl. movies). Why noone ic concerned about portraying sikhs in lofty manner & degrading them......No Sikh Organisation is taking any steps to stop all this stuff....The leaders are busy fighting amongst themselves.....On one hand people are mad about punjabi culture(punjabi songs) but on other hand they leave no chance to make fun out sikhs....
Sikhs are looked down. I too had a personal experience , when i visited a temple. Myself & my friends went through distress because of other peoples acts....(calling things like"12 waj gaye")......Some organisation should come forward to propagate the sikh history to make others aware of the history behind "12 waj gaye" & moreover keep a check on degrading sikh identity by media......Hope Someone is listening!!!!!!!!!!!

I hear you! These are hard and insulting times for all people of truth and faith. There is just so much ignorance and foolishness being carelessly tossed around.

This is the Kalyug...the Guru's had to endure this too. Do you know that Guru Teg Bahadur was even insulted and denied entrance to the Golden Temple in his time?

There are antidefamation groups that do legal work to uphold religious and cultural rights.

However we do not have to endure insults. Better for you to hold your head in dignity and grace and do not give an ear or eye to the stupidity of others. Ignore them and close your ears to their taunts. Feel good inside. They get their karma and we get out karma burned by their slander. Bless them and be grateful that you are not them.

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Are Sikhs A Bunch Of Jokes??????? (02/03/2001)
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