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Summary of Question:Guilt Feeling
Date Posted:Tuesday, 4/13/2010 8:21 AM MDT

i am in guilt.please help me.5 yrs ago i purchase a one month old puppy.for two and half yrshe was living wiyh us happily.but then i gave my dog to someone as i have no time to take care of him.they promise me that they care proper care of him.6 monts ago i came to know that they also give the dog to someone.last week i came to know my dog has bite the small baby of that family and in anger they had beat him and gave him to i have no news of him where he is how he he getting food etc.ifeel guilty that i had brought him into our family and it was my responsbility to take care of him.i dont where he is ana in what conditions.what can i do clean the sin i have done and what to do about my guilt feeling.thanks


Sat Nam,
You can certainly pray for this dog, but there isn't much you can do otherwise.
The only thing in this situation is that you need to learn for the future, if you take a responsibility of a living being like a dog or even when you have your own kids you have to realize how helpless they are. When another being relies on you for comfort of their entire life you don't have the luxury not to come through for them.
When you take a responsibility for someone you have direct effect on their life and their happiness sadness will be proportionate to what you do or don't do for them.
At times it is best not to take that responsibility at all than not be sure whether you can carry it though. It goes the same for all types of responsibilities. Like when will think of marrying someone, they may not be that helpless at all, but in connection with you their quality of life may still suffer or get better depending on choices you make. You have to realize that in every relationship no decision or action goes unnoticed or berries no consequences on the other person or being.

Let go of your guilt, there is nothing you can do anymore but look forward towards the future. Guilt is a useless emotion because it can not change anything. Your future actions, however, can change a lot.


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Guilt Feeling (04/13/2010)
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