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Summary of Question:Banis
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 12/28/2000 11:35 PM MST

as sikhs we are learners, so considering this I have a few questions:

1. if you sleep in and wake-up late (maybe about 11:00) is there still a point in doing your morning nitnem, will it be at all beneficial to do it by that time???

2. if you are running late and you don't have enough any time then is it OK that you were not able to do your morning banis??? should you feel guilty and feel like God will punish you and you will have a bad day?? shouldn't it be that a person should just try their best or should it be that if you don't follow the rehat maryada exactly all the time then drastic consequences will follow???
Greetings to you in the Name of God the light of every soul and in the Name of Guru the life of every Sikh.

To answer your question #1:
It is always beneficial to do Jap Ji Sahib, Sahbd hazaare, Jaap Sahib, Tav Prasaad Svaya, Anand Sahib no matter how late you get around to doing it. Of course, the later you do it, the less time there is to getting them all in. Learn Jap Ji by "heart" so you can recite as you go on your way...and you never have to do without your basic foundation.

question # 2:
Running late always puts you at a disadvantage, just as running out the door without bathing or eating puts you at less advantage. Just as jumping into your car and starting your car and driving out of your parking space without looking back to see if anything is coming. It is not a question of OK or not OK. You put yourself at a disadvantage. You can, by the Grace of God and Guru have a wonderful day.

Should you feel guilty....absolutely not!!!! Guilt has no function here. God also, will not punish you! You already have walked out of the house in a state of undress, or unreadiness. So, you have in a way punished your self. Better, you take a few moments to feel the presence of all ten Guru's and Mata Sahib Kaur surrounding you in protection and guidence the day you have overslept.

Let the protection and guidence of the Gurus' always be with you no matter what the circumstance. You are a part of the Creator and you live in perfection and love. When God caused you to sleep in, then chant the Muhl mantra as you rush around getting to where you need to be. Feed your soul on "the go" in this way.

I know some people who do their entire "Paath" in one sitting.....all at night or all in the morning because they know that they can get it done this way. This is OK too.

Just a little historical note, punishment and guilt is what Christians have used to scare followers into doing something. We do not use this technique.

Give your shortcomings over to the Guru on that day and dedicate your day to God and Guru every day and ask God and Guru to cover you. In the Sikh Ardas we always pray for all people to be "covered". "Nanak Naam cherdi kalaa tere bani sarbat dabalaa" "Through Guru Nanak may your Name forever increase, and the Spirit be exaulted, and may all people prosper by Thy Grace".

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Banis (12/28/2000)
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