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Summary of Question:Sex
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Friday, 5/15/2009 1:16 AM MDT

hii...m 18 dis year and im in love with a 35 year old man. we both love each other very much. sometimes when we miss each other very much we will meet up to kiss and hug each other.but the other day he went to a max level where he started liking and sucking every inch of my body. he told me that he wants to make love with me and i said no. and now he wants to know the reason i told no.

the reason i said no is because i read in sikh net forum that making love is prohibited by our sikh religion. he wants to know why is that soo. what is wrong in making love and if we already make love what do we got to loose?? why is it importand to stay virgin until marrige?

he's planing to get married by end of this year if he gets anyone by then. so he wants to love me as much as he can before he gets married.

i need an urgen reply as we are goin to meet up soon.and i need to give ans to his questions. i know it is wrong but i dont know why is it wrong?

thanx in advance...
This man is taking unfare advantage of you. Respect yourself and your grace and do not meet him ever again. He is lecherous and too old for you. SK

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Sex (05/15/2009)
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