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Summary of Question:Sacred Dance, Not Sacreligious
Date Posted:Tuesday, 1/27/2009 8:53 AM MST

dear sikhnet

i am studying an art form that involves using classical indian dance to interpret sufi poetry. Because i am of sikh-punjabi origin, i am cleaving towards the works of sufi saints who have also composed writing for the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. For example, Bhagat Kabir Ji, and Sheikh Farid Ji. My question is, it is in any way wrong, improper, or disrespectful to attempt to narrate and interpret the sacred writings of these great saints through the art of classical dance..? My intention is only to spread the message of the beautiful and profound works of these saints to the world at large. i just hope i am not misinterpreted... dance, in mainstream though is considered a form of entertainment, but my study of indian classical dance in this regard is a form of shiksha or education that i wish to submit myself to in learning, and then sharing... this is my way of living with the concepts of "kirat karni" and "wand kay shako"... i want to shre the spiritual wealth of my study and work with others.. i just hope not to be rebuked for it...

my love, and respect to you all.
Satnam sweet one,

You answered your own question The form of dance that you study is devotional and spiritual. Siri Guru granth Sahib says, "Gurus true Sikh sings, Gurus true Sikh dances, fixing his mind on the Lord. That is where you are. You just will not dance in the Gurdwara. No problem. We wish you well and all success with your career.

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Sacred Dance, Not Sacreligious (01/27/2009)
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