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Summary of Question:Loving Another Person Of Opposite Sex Is Bad. But What Do I Do Know?
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Thursday, 1/04/2001 10:25 PM MST



I am a sikh amritdhari student. I wanted to ask that, i know that loving another person of the opposite sex is not permitted in our religion. But i love this girl very very much. I wanted to ask that i know that what i did was going against my religion but what am i supposed to do now? I mean i will love her no matter what i do or what happenes to me.
I will love her allways but i want to know what you guys think about this.
I love her unconditionally. but what am i suppose to do now?
********************************************************************************There is nothing wrong with love for anyone. Love for the opposite sex simply has guidelines. Your love should be brotherly or fatherly or as a son to any woman. Your physical love should be reserved for your wife.

If you love this woman in this way and she loves you, then you might discuss getting engaged and married.

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Loving Another Person Of Opposite Sex Is Bad. But What Do I Do Know? (01/04/2001)
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