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Summary of Question:Question about "Das Granthi"
Date Posted:Thursday, 4/08/1999 11:49 PM MDT

In addition to the Bani in SGPC 'Das Granthi', how come the writings Sawaiye, Chaupayee, Zafarnaama, Shabad Hazare and Shaster Naam Mala are not included in this Das Granthi? I thought these were also generally accepeted as being the Bani of Guru Ji?


This is a Youth Q&A forum. For a youth, your question is a very mature one. Our compliments on your knowledge.

As you probably know, there have been controversies about the Dasam Granth right from the time of Bhai Mani Singh Ji's Shahidi. At that time, there was talk of separating the historical writings from the other writings. Also there was exclusion of Triya Chritrs and the instructions with Zafarnama etc.

We need to keep this forum free from any controversies, and would suggest that you contact SGPC for their reasoning. Alternately, you may consider posting your question for a discussion on the Sikhnet's discussion forum.

However, some of the writings that you mention, ARE included in the Das Granthi. Swaiye are part of Akal Ustat, and "Shabad Hazare" are part of the Shabad Patshahee 10.

Chaupayee is the 404th Chritr.



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Question about "Das Granthi" (04/08/1999)
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