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Summary of Question:How To Tie A Turban For MenīS
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/07/2000 8:19 PM MST

Wahe guru

I was atending a kundalini class for 6 months and now i want wear a turban

Please if you can teach me how to fold, tie or wrap a turban for menīs and how many meters and kind of textile i need
And if you know some book whith this info. please send me the data
I live in mexico city and here is hard find some men wearing turban for ask. in my class only women wear turban .

Sat Nam


Sat Nam Ji.

Althouth he's not in Mexico City, Pritam Pal Singh in Cuernavaca would be more than happy to guide you on this. I believe he shows up there on occassion. Here is his contact info:
Pritam Pal S Khalsa
City: Cuernavaca
Country: Mexico
Phone: 52-73-1731-08
E-mail Address: [email protected]


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How To Tie A Turban For MenīS (03/07/2000)
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