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Summary of Question:Homosexuality
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Sunday, 10/24/2010 5:11 AM MDT


Well today at my police college our class had to do a presentation about who we are. So of course I did it on my religion. It was going very smooth I taught the class about our Gurus, our identity, Sikhs that fought in world wars ext. When it was time for questions, my teacher asked me how we look at Homosexuality in Sikhism. This is the answer I gave him and the class " Sikhs are suppose to accept everyone, doesn't matter what Religion,color,sexuality, every one is equal". Then I started to talk about Culture and religion and how they often get mixed (a lot of Sikhs are Punjabi) and that you would not see a gay marriage in the Gurdawara because of it. Then I started thinking, why don't we have gay marriages in Gurdwaras? Why do people who call them selves Sikh discriminate against others? It just gets me so angry when I witness these things happening. I know a lot of people are going to get upset about this topic, but as Sikhs everyone is equal we fight for others rights and freedom.
So can you please give me some answers I am very eager to Find out.

God Bless

Shanjot Singh


Sat Nam,

Personally, in my opinion I think you are absolutely right but our tradition is just like any other tradition or religion .... is very slow to change its ways. Open mindedness on a very large scale takes years and many people's efforts to achieve. This issue is not just with Sikhism but more on the global scale. Don't think there is an immediate solution to this although I believe that anything will be possible in some near future. It will require efforts of lots of like minded people.
Thanks, for bringing it up, this is quite and interesting topic.


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Homosexuality (10/24/2010)
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