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Summary of Question:Simple Yet Effective Way Of Meditation/Nitnem
Date Posted:Tuesday, 2/06/2001 11:52 PM MST

Waheguru ji ka khalsa,

Waheguru ji ki fateh.

Whenever we think of doing meditation/jaap seriously we remember the condition laid by Guru Nanak Dev ji of AMRITVELA because guru ji in the fourth pauri of Japji Sahib says "Amrit vaylaa sach naaou vadeaaee veechaar." But there is one more condition laid by guruji in the fifth pauri but we often forget this condition which is very important i.e.
"Gaaveeai suneeai mann rakheeai BHAAO" (sing the praises of god and keep LOVE for him in the HEART ).
One should not sit for meditation / prayers with the normal / routine frame of mind but we must change our frame of mind to love / happiness for God and then do naam simran. One can easily go in the mental state of happiness by THANKING God for the wonderful things that have happened in our life, which we never deserved. OR what can be a better way to feel happy / love for God than to realise that we have Aatma within us, which is part of Paramaatma ( Mann tu jot saroop hai apna mool pachaan ) or which ever way suits an individual? That feeling of love should be developed in the mind. Once that feeling is developed then there will be a SMILE ( subtle smile ) on his face-(Nanak bhagtaa sadaa vigaas). Moreover Waheguru means "God is wonderful". Can you praise God with a long face- NO. Therefore smile will come automatically on your face if you say Waheguru and if you really mean it. Bin preetee bhagti na hovayee (sggs67)
You will agree that our mind wanders while doing simran / nitnem because BRAIN CAN DO TWO THINGS AT THE SAME TIME. One- do simran and secondly, think of material things,etc at the same time. LET US ACCEPT THIS FACT and let us consciously give the wandering mind some work to do. Let us tell him to wander either in--
1) feeling the presence of Almighty (Guru mere sang sadha hai naalay) or
2) in the meaning of what is said- Waheguru (god is wonderful).
Shabad suneeai shabad bhujeeai sach rahe liv la-ee (sggs429)
(Listen to the shabad, understand the shabad and lovingly focus your consciousness on the true one.)
Same way if Nitnem is done with loving / happy frame of mind with meanings of each line in mind, the benefit shall be more (gaveeai suneeai mann rakheeai BHAAO ).

Waheguru ji ka khalsa,
Waheguru ji ki fateh.


Bless you Ji for sharing this.

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