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Summary of Question:Re: Jus Wanted To Say A Bit Bout Castes
Date Posted:Friday, 11/09/2001 6:04 PM MST

I dont know why people care about castes. If someone is being boastful of being a certain caste oh well... who cares.. why should you care.. People shouldnt care about what others are saying and doing..People need to just live their own lives and sometimes mind their own business. I find it offensive when people typecaste other people and their so-called caste. Yes im a jatt... and yes i really do come from a family of farmers and we still do farm here in the US. yes I am proud of who I am. shouldnt I be proud? Be proud of my Sikh heritage. why should someone care if i say I am a jatti....Maybe If do say that that makes me full of pride and arrogance but oh well ..why should others care. I feel like im being attacked. I see everyone as equals and if someone thinks that im arrogant and full pride becuase I am jatt, they need to look at themselves first before going off on someone else and Criticizing. My parents are Gursikh.. I try to be the best Sikh i can be. I just hate when others have to "bag" on ce

rtain people. I dont want to cause any animosity. Just let others be.. God is watching and thats all that matters....


Sat Siri Akaal. There is SO much focus on castes that is unnecessary. It's OK to be proud of your heritage; you wouldn't be here now without it, probably. But to identify SOLELY with a single caste is not Sikh.

We are Khalsa first. And Khalsa is so vast, it encompasses all that there IS. Castes do not. And to discriminate against ANYONE because of their caste label is not only against Guru's teachings, it is ridiculous. Sikhi is a WORLD religion. Does an African Sikh or an Italian Sikh (not of Punjabi origin) care about someone's caste? For that matter, do you think a NON-Sikh/non-Indian anywhere cares about anyone's caste or if someone married within caste? The true Gursikh is first and foremost the Guru's own, Khalsa is his/her family, and Guru is mother and father and mentor and teacher: 'Toon mayraa pita, too(n) hai mayraa mataa, too(n) mayra bandhap too(n) mayraa bhrataa.' So be proud of your heritage but don't limit yourself by it!

Guru rakha,

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Re: Jus Wanted To Say A Bit Bout Castes (11/09/2001)
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