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Summary of Question:Where Can I Get All These
Date Posted:Monday, 4/16/2001 3:20 AM MDT

The Pysche of the Soul and the Psyche of the Golden Shield are not readily available in New Delhi.

However, a Sundar Gutka has been prepared on the lines of the Psyche of the Soul and it contains the same banis that are in the Pysche of the Soul (viz all Nit nem banis) plus Sukhmani Sahib in a line by line translation and transliteration way. The content is again by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa (of Pysche of the Soul).

This gutka also has listed the effects of the various banis. It is available at nominal cost in New Delhi. To obtain one, please send an e mail to [email protected] and I will tell you the exact address in South Delhi (greater kailash) where you can pick this up from.

Details of this Sundar Gutka are available online at:

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Where Can I Get All These (04/16/2001)
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