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Summary of Question:my girlfriend
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Friday, 4/21/2000 5:26 PM MDT

hi my name is harjinder, i am 15 and live in vancouver canada. I have been going out with another sikh canadain born girl for a while now. we kiss and hold hands. Is it wrong for sikh youth to be dating? please give a good response that is easy to understand because read some other responses and I cant uderstand them. respond to my email address

p.s.:Happy Vasaki


Dear Harjinder Singh ji, Dating is a Western custom. It is not in our tradition. Before marriage is a good time to learn how to be yourself.

Find things that you like to do, sports, studies, hobbies like painting, photography, computers and enjoy this time of your life. Join some after school clubs or find some intersting classes at the local Museums or YMCA.

As Sikhs we treat our girlfriends as sisters. Socialize with friends in groups. Join a Sikh youth group or a sports team. Learn about how to relate to girls in group situations or with a chaperone.

You will probably be attached to someone in marriage for over 75% of your life.
So, forget about dating and find other fun things that you like to do for the next 5 years. You will not regret this. Wait to date until you are ready to consider marriage.

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my girlfriend (04/21/2000)
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