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Summary of Question:Jobs For Sikhs Wearing Turbans In Us
Date Posted:Friday, 12/13/2002 8:01 AM MST

i belong to sikh father wears a turban.he is educated and was teacher in india .now it is very difficult for him to find a job as he wears some of the interviews they told him if you cut your hair we'll hire you.why this discrimination???may be sikhs are confused with afgani's.

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Sat Nam! It doesn't matter why people discriminate. People are afraid of looking different from others. Khalsa stands out by our Bana. What is important is to never surrender your values for benefits. Guru will take care of everything if you stand fast to your values and Guru's Roop.

When I was interviewed for a job at a large university, I said in the interview, "I am a Sikh. This is how I look - turban and full beard. I am a hard worker. I hope you will accept me as I am." I got the job.

Let Guruji take care of it. Bless all those who live in fear and ignorance. may their hearts and minds be opened by Guru's grace.


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Jobs For Sikhs Wearing Turbans In Us (12/13/2002)
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