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Summary of Question:Bana Best Colours For Marriage
Date Posted:Sunday, 1/06/2008 12:17 PM MST

guru fateh,

i am getting married next month by guru's grace to a girl of my wishes..she is a complete gursikh which i nearly dreamt off.
we have decided that our outfit for marriage should be a BAANA..
however there is opposition from elderlies who are much more into solving worldly matters and make marriage look trendy..hence there is a big opposition in her wearing a baana or wearing a female turban.

Stil, we have decided that atleast i can get dressed in baana and she can support the pair in a normal bridal punjabi dress.

So here goes my question, what would best colours for baana for marriages. Request you to kindly note that, my wife would have to support a mehendi(colour on hands) also and wear some gold jewellary too. This becomes very imp because we want to show and prove to the elderlies, that baana can look faboulous and royal and hence there is a lot at stake ...if we dont look a good pair..we can be a cause of world laughter on the stage for the background of families that we come from. its not so much for immediate families but 100s and 200s of other relatives who are going to come. my business people would also be we want to take it very seriously.

She has purchased a dress for the occassion...which is a punjabi dress ..dull magenta coloured embroidered with silver and copper coloured stars it.
Her Chunni is also of the same colour and is full of embroidery ..making it heavy.

Dear one,
This is a wonderful question. White or off white would be stunning color bana for you. Or some beautiful silver/gold woven thread fabric Chola that contrasts with her embroidery color. Damala with swords and jewels for you. Turban with flowing chuni and jewels for her. Regal royal.Or you could do a simple silk chola and a long elegant vest that matches her dress.

Please chack out Chardi Kala Jatha....Sada Sat Simran Singh's wedding photo's or go to Aquarian Times summer issue on marriage. The cover photo was beautiful wedding of a young couple regal and royal Khalsa dress.

Could you please suggest what colour baana, pajaami, and dumaala should i go for given her above dress and slight mehendi and gold jewellary that she has to wear. If she too succeeds in getting permision to wear a turban then what colour turban should she go for.

i know that you are abs spammed with so many questions but if you could accept my humle request to please advice before Feb 2008 since the marriage is in the month of Feb and we have very little time on our hands.
Please post this question on the site..this shall help others too..

Please help us get more confident here.
There have been so many pull backs from so many people who thought wearing a baana would be absurd..that we had almost dropped the idea...but still somehow..the hope kindles that some one might help our intentions..hence we turned to our dearest khalsa ji's on the sikh net.

Guru Fateh..

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