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Summary of Question:marrying a different religion
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/19/2000 9:35 PM MDT

I am an 18 yr old sikh boy and i am not quite religious but i have my faith in god and i believe that sikhism is the way.i am in love with a muslim girl and i know that i am not "seeing the God" in her as its my emotions playing but am i a bad sikh if i end up marrying her? We plan to keep our religions and guide our kids on the right path.but am i going against sikhism if i do marry her?


Marrying a person of another religion has many complications. It is not bad to love a person of another religion. But at the same time,you may find it very limiting later on in your life.

There is an old saying that says,"love is blind". You must know the truth in this now.

In our Sikh tradition, we do not date. We also prefer to treat women with respect by treating them as sisters or Mom's before we are married.

You are still young and have about 3-5 years to decide about marriage. Rather than "falling in love" before marriage, save your falling in love for the person you marry.

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marrying a different religion (04/19/2000)
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